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Sorry everyone, the and services had been offline for about 90 hours because an animal chewed through a fiber line in our neighbor's attic

we're back online with a temporary internet provider while we schedule a fix for our primary provider

copied form my github comment:

I will note that part of this debugging process initially involved me running sudo prime-select nvidia and sudo nvidia-xconfig to no avail before I realized the kernel version issue, so it's possible that those commands also helped lead me to this current working state.


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copied from my github comment:

I got into a weird situation where nvidia drivers were installing properly for the 5.11.0-27 linux packages but grub wasn't updating to show that I could boot 5.11.0-27, it would only show 5.11.0-25. I did a sudo grub-install and rebooted, and my UEFI froze trying to load grub, but going into UEFI settings and manually booting "ubuntu" got me into grub where I could boot 5.11.0-27 with the nvidia driver properly loaded


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I just recreated oops