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Hey everyone! I'm Aode! I'm a cat kitty cat cat kitty cat cat and I've been running a mastodon server for myself and a few friends since April 2017

Some of the software and some of the people have changed since then, but there are always those who stick around. If you're looking to stay on Masto for the long haul, you'll find friends here.

My stance has been since the start that I want mastodon to succeed. You will not find me on the bird site. If you want to interact with me, you must do it here.

Yes my profile photo is a cropped nsfw image of my lioness by with a "Linux Gamer" baseball cap photoshopped on top, why do you ask?

(thanks to @chosafine for finding that fantastic linux gamer hat on an image of spongebob squarepants)

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I just recreated oops