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I've made up my mind. Any software I ever develop for the Linux desktop will be deliberately reliant on systemD

@asonix like I don't care about the internals but so many things are easier with systemd, like managing services, and timers are so much more flexible than cronjobs

@asonix I'm getting whiplash trying to process the degree of irony or non-irony / sarcasm or non-sarcasm in this

@k someone in a chat I'm in posted a pepe meme in response to a software depending on systemd so I decoded anti systemd folks no longer deserve my respect

@asonix yeah but you also referred to it as systemD which is basically a systemd-hater badge of honor lol so I was trying to decode that

@asonix there's definitely valid criticisms of the project, drowned out in reactionary rage that technology is changing at all

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I just recreated oops