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Aode's Con Lineup (reg'd and hotel'd)
- StratosFur (june 10-12)
- ACFI (oct 7-9)

Aode's aspired cons (not reg'd or book'd)
- MFF (dec 1-4)
- ANE (jan 20-22)

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Hey everyone! I'm Aode! I'm a cat kitty cat cat kitty cat cat and I've been running a mastodon server for myself and a few friends since April 2017

Some of the software and some of the people have changed since then, but there are always those who stick around. If you're looking to stay on Masto for the long haul, you'll find friends here.

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new tg sticker new tg sticker new tg sticker

by [a friend of mine] ™️

hot take 

there should be more hyenas on the internet

Pokemon Spoilers (ish) 

What's Rainbow Dash's Tera Type?

Hey folx who use Single Board Computers as general purpose Linux devices: which ones do you like the most, how much did they cost, what OS are you running on them, etc?

I need to turn off all my servers to pack them soon


all services will be going down on thursday evening, and will be down likely for the whole weekend.

I will attempt to get them back online as I have time, but I am moving so we'll see how it goes

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I just recreated oops