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Aode's Con Lineup (reg'd and hotel'd)
- StratosFur (june 10-12)
- ACFI (oct 7-9)

Aode's aspired cons (not reg'd or book'd)
- MFF (dec 1-4)
- ANE (jan 20-22)

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Hey everyone! I'm Aode! I'm a cat kitty cat cat kitty cat cat and I've been running a mastodon server for myself and a few friends since April 2017

Some of the software and some of the people have changed since then, but there are always those who stick around. If you're looking to stay on Masto for the long haul, you'll find friends here.

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❌ Using OpenTelemetry and Jaeger to trace execution between applications

✅ Using OpenTelemetry and Jaeger to optimize concurrency within a single application

Feel free to talk to me and my crab and my son and my son's crab anytime

Thanks to WildePrints for printing these, and my IRL friend for drawing them

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I just recreated oops